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24th International Conference on Organic and Inorganic Chemistry
July 18-19 , 2018 Atlanta,USA

Biobased Press is independent On our site we communicate our views on the bioeconomy. Sustainability is at the heart of them. We developed our views in longstanding experience, and in many posts we held in government, industry, research and society. But Biobased Press is completely independent of any company, government or NGO. Biobased Press takes a broad view We report for all stakeholders in the bioeconomic community. We report about the use of biobased resources: development, processes and products. We highlight opportunities and threats, and social and economic consequences. We also cross-link these consequences to other sectors. Biobased Press is technologically optimistic We are aware of the effects humans have on the environment, but take an optimistic view on technological development. Precision technology, inherently clean and productive, rapidly develops to an important economic sector. We believe mankind can create wealth for a greater number of people and reduce environmental impacts at the same time – the precision economy. Through ‘more with less’: better results from less inputs. Biobased Press is diverse We cover topics ranging from wood biorefinery to design rules for the green chemical industry; from precision agriculture to ecomodernism; and from sustainable medicines production to the gap between public perception and industrial reality in genetic modification.